Wool House Care Instructions

Care Instructions

1. Wash woolen clothes at 30-40º C only with a detergent designed specifically for wool care and not containing enzymes and bleaching agents.

2. Wool ‘surrenders’ dirt very easily, so do not rub it while washing.
3. Wash and rinse at the same temperature. Don’t wash and rinse woolen clothes in cold water.

4. Always iron with steam, never iron dry woolen apparel.

5. If stains occur, moisten the stain with wool detergent and let it work for a few minutes before washing the garment using wool or hand-washing program.

6. Spin washed clothes lightly; put them on a horizontal surface and then shape.

7. Use our bag to put our products safely for the next season!

Take these advices and you will enjoy WOOL HOUSE production for a long time.