Our Story

Audrey Stitz started Parisian Peony, an online women's boutique to provide a meticulously handpicked collection for the modern woman. Women today are busy but want to look effortless, they are confident yet subtle and want a minimalistic wardrobe that is versatile. Women are also getting more conscious about where their clothes originated from and and how they were made. We are trying to bring sustainable fashion to the forefront and educate our customers along the way. Join the Slow Fashion movement with us and shop for a cause!

Note from Audrey

It’s been my dream to start my own boutique for a very long time. I grew up watching my mom make clothes for everyone around me. You could say I was surrounded by women’s fashion since I was a very very young girl. It definitely left an impression on me!

My mom had her own store. I remember sitting in the store after school watching customers come with excitement to get their custom made clothes and leaving happy after they had done their fitting.

I used to play with the material bits left around my moms sewing room after she had cut out the patterns. I would excitedly drape them around me and pretend that I had made beautiful clothes. I have many happy memories playing with cloth growing up.

Then I grew up, got a job albeit one I love. But my first love has always been fashion. After pondering over this for literally years, I finally decided to open Parisian Peony, my very own boutique.



I have always been fascinated with Paris and Parisian style. The confident yet subtle, versatile yet minimalistic and most of all effortless yet classic style appeals to me. Paris is such a world city, which also means bringing together timeless fashions from around the world together. I want to bring that flavor to my store coupled with ethical practices in fashion. I strive to support artisans around the world.

I want to make the lives of the modern day woman more colorful, elegant and effortless. I want to curate a store where timeless elegance is fused with sustainable fashion.

You wouldn’t need to research the an outfit or the great finds out in the world it’ll be done for you. I spend hours after my toddler goes to bed researching the best there is. I then pick pieces from the suppliers I have carefully chosen. All you have to do is select the pieces you love!

I want to be able to present beautiful wardrobe options to you and make you want to wear them every time you walk into your closet. Your outfit will be one less thing you worry about in your fast paced life! You can trust me when I say I understand how busy your life is, with a full time job and a toddler, I’d love to style outfits without thinking too much about it!

Parisian Peony’s aim will be just that. It's where timeless elegance is fused with sustainable fashion. It’s a meticulously handpicked collection for the modern woman. Come peruse our selection of women's clothing, perhaps with a glass of wine, choose your favorites and shop to make a positive difference in the world!