About the Brand - Coco Bombay

Coco Bombay

All the products are made by the loving hands of women from India rescued from sex trafficking.

Dawn, the owner, fell in love with India and it was her love for magical India along with the desire to empower women that gave her the drive to create Coco Bombay. Through Instagram she came across Purnata charity that rescues women & children from sex trafficking. They were looking for someone with a small business just like hers to work with, as once these women were rescued there was a huge risk of them simply being sucked back into prostitution due to a lack of opportunities. Seeing how far these incredibly brave women have come is amazing. They now smile & have light in their eyes.

She personally curates special fabrics & hand embroidered sarees from all across India, traveling far & wide from tiny villages to bustling markets in search of the perfect pieces.

Her ultimate dream is to create a worldwide tribe of women who empower each other & make each other feel fabulous!

This brand works alongside the small Mumbai based non profit, Amoli to provide jobs to women who find healing, dignity & a future through stable jobs. The more purchases made, the more women we can employ.

Their amazing education programs, work on targeting the root cause of trafficking and prostitution, providing education about safe sex & giving a voice to the women who would not otherwise be heard. They have succeeded in countless missions that have seen the rescue of hundreds of women & children.

Coco Bombay is now working together to give the women who have been rescued from the horrors of sex slavery a new start in life. Purnata teaches these brave women literacy, maths, provides counseling as well as medical care & safe places for their children. They also teach them to sew & Coco Bombay employs these brave women, enabling them to create new lives for themselves & their families with fair wages & wonderful supportive working conditions.