About the Brand - BISJOUX


A modern twist on the traditional and tribal. Handcrafted or cast in brass. This allows these pieces to age with a warm or distressed patina over time. The mixing of metals and leather lets you create your own style. These pieces are neither trendy nor mass produced. So if you are looking for undiscovered treasures this is the brand for you.

Born in Belgium, raised in New York city and a graduate of the famed Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), Karin is living and creating from Upstate New York. 

Karin started designing and creating pieces that would symbolize a connection to nature when the world felt so disconnected. When she couldn't walk barefoot, feel the rain on her skin and the earth in her hands, she could hold a symbol of unity. A grounding symbol of sanity. This is why she is drawn to brass, strong, yet soft and flexible. Shiny but not unattainable. Building more character with age as it patinas.

Her interest in art started at an early age by applying her skills through all mediums from paint to photography. Only recently have her passions brought her to jewelry design. She wanted to create a line that represents the diversity in society, not to follow a trend, but to create what inspired her and this line allowed her to do that. Adding classic touches, tribal twists and modernistic forms she hoped to create something that stands out from the rest, catches your interest, sparks your creative side and inspires your soul to glow.

All metals (brass/sterling on brass) are handcrafted in India by a small fair trade group of crafters who bring he designs to reality. All leather created and assembled by her in Upstate NY.