Summer to Fall Outfit Essentials

Transitioning from one season to another can be fun, especially when it's summer to fall and the leaves start turning into a live color palette. However, with changing seasons come changes in wardrobe. The cooler climate calls for clothes that keep you warm. We personally think it's such a pain to have to add clothes to your wardrobe until the fall finally settles in before you can remove your summer clothes.

To avoid the over-crowding, we have picked these amazing items that work well for both summer and fall. This way you can keep them in both your summer wardrobe and it will take you all the way into fall properly setting in. 

Summer to Fall Transitional Pieces


Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is great for summer and fall. In summer you can style it with shorts or a mini skirt, in fall you can team it with jeans, a longer skirt or pants. We also love the idea of wearing it over a tank top with the front knotted for a layered effect.

Styling a Chambray Shirt

Button Down Blouse

A button down blouse is such a staple in summer. Especially if it's made of cotton. It's great for work and casual wear too, it pairs well with jeans, shorts, skirts and pants. We love a good button down for fall as well since you can layer a cardigan over it for some added warmth and a preppy look!

Styling a Button Down

Sleeveless Tee

A sleeveless tee is pretty much a staple in summer. But guess what, it can be one in fall too! All you need to do is make it the foundation of your layered look. You can team it with a cardigan, an anorak, a vest or a jacket. Owning a few different colors will go a long way!

Styling a Sleeveless Tee



A cardigan is a wardrobe staple, it's really season agnostic in our opinion. A lightweight cardigan is great for any season. It's such a perfect layering piece. So invest in a few of these, you won't regret it!

Styling a Cardigan


Black Dress

Another season agnostic piece in our opinion. A black dress is like a blank canvas, you can style it to be just about anything. Wear it by itself for summer or you could dress it up with jewelry or a belt, and in fall you could layer on to it with a cardigan or a coat. We love a nice little black dress.

Styling a Black Dress


Button Down Dress

A button down dress is such a classic summer dress. You can wear it to work or style it with sneakers for the weekend. When a piece is so versatile you can't help but want to wear it all the time. You can even take this piece into early fall by layering onto it and teaming it with a pair of boots. Now isn't that reason enough to own this amazing piece?!

Styling a Button Down Dress


Skinny Jeans

We are biased to skinny jeans. Skinny jeans make petite girls look taller :) Skinny jeans are also great for pairing with a blazer or a coat. They are great for wearing with a cami or a tank top too. You can style these jeans effortlessly for summer or fall!

Styling Skinny Jeans


Trench Coat/Dress

We love a good trench coat. A great staple for spring and fall. However, if you find a trench coat that can double up as a dress, you have an item you can wear in summer as a dress and in fall as a coat! Now isn't that just fabulous :) 

Styling a Trench Dress

We hope we provided you some helpful tips and inspiration for your summer to fall transitional wardrobe. If you have any questions for us don't hesitate to email us at Have a wonderful day! xoxo


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