A Lazy Girl's Summer Capsule Wardrobe

We all get lazy sometimes. It's only natural. There are days when picking out an outfit seems particularly onerous. The thought reverberating in our heads is - "Why won't the outfit just put itself together and wear me?!" Wouldn't you agree?

We thought about it and decided that a simple and easy to pull together wardrobe selection, one that is mix and match friendly and uber cute was in order. We named it - A Lazy Girl's Summer Capsule!

We have kept the colors simple, used mostly timeless and classic casual summer pieces and kept the accessories to a minimum. We even found one single bag that can be worn 5 different ways, talk about versatile and budget friendly.

We have a couple of foundational pieces - 2 pairs of shoes and 2 tops, both perfect for summer time. These looks are office friendly, there are a few night-out looks, the rest are effortless and they are all cute!

Here is the best part - we have used 12 pieces and pulled together 24 different outfits! For a total cost of just $879!

A Lazy Girl's Summer Capsule

Hope you loved the outfits and find them easy enough to remember. We tried to keep it simple with not too much color mixing but did add in the pops of vibrance here and there. Do let us know your thoughts on our latest capsule. xoxo


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