12 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Looking for wardrobe essentials for summer? Perhaps you are building your first capsule wardrobe? We put together a list to help you. 

We have 12 pieces on here that would create an amazing foundation for any summer capsule.

1. Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans in summer are a great way to wear any number of shirts, blouses, camis and tank tops. One pair of jeans will give you as many outfits as you have tops and then you can multiply that by the number of layers you have. Now isn't that just amazing! It's also a great way to cover your legs if you want to protect yourself from the sun or if you haven't shaved your legs (assuming you want to, if you don't then that's fine too!)

Distressed Jeans

2. Cute Shorts

Let's be honest, there is a small percentage of the time you can wear shorts, especially if you live in a city like Chicago, so take advantage and wear it during summer. Pick a pair of denim shorts or you could also pick a colorful cotton or linen pair perhaps. Again, this is a great piece to team with your tops and layers. Weekends, picnics, beach days, park strolls and plenty more, a pair of shorts will keep you cool and have you looking cute as ever!

Summer Shorts


3. Tee

Any wardrobe, capsule or otherwise needs some good tees. Preferably bold colors and a few neutrals you can team up with skirts, leggings and jeans. You could have a few different styles too, there is the classic round or v-neck tee, the sleeveless tee and you could also pick a twist front tee. All great pieces for creating many outfits. This is also a great transitional piece, when transitioning from summer to fall. It serves as a great piece to layer onto!

Summer Tees


4. Camisole

A cami is a timeless classic. A great add to your list of essentials for any season. So it had to be on this list. A cami goes a long way for your work style as well. It's a great piece for layering and wearing by it self as well. You can pair a cami with just about anything. Some fashion forward styles include wearing a cami over a t-shirt dress as well! 

Summer Cami's


5. Summer Blouses

A classic cotton blouse is always part of summer outfits. It's a staple, and it's timeless. You can invest in a button down knowing it will always be in style! It's also great in fall when you can layer a cardigan or sweater over it. Again, a great add to your work style and honestly pretty much a staple there too! You can't go wrong owning this piece.

Summer Blouses


6. A Flowing Dress

Summer and spring always includes free flowing fabric. You can always have your glamorous Marilyn Monroe moment! A great flowing dress, short or long in a vibrant print goes a long way for summer. You could layer it with a cardigan for fall or with a blazer for work. It is also a great dress for a summer party or a beach vacation.

Flowing Dresses


7. Maxi Skirt

We have this one on this list for the same reason as we do the flowing dress. We love a good maxi skirt. Again, you can pair this with so many different types of tops, blouses, camis, tanks, you name it a maxi skirt will serve as the perfect bottom. It's also a great piece for the beach.

Summer Maxi Skirts


8. Neutral Cardigan

Some cooler summer nights and the fall season require a cozy layer to keep you warm. A neutral cardigan is definitely a must for this. We say neutral because you can team it with any outfit and not worry about the colors clashing. 

Neutral Cardigans


Now that we have covered the key clothing items, let's take a look at the must have outfit completers.


9. Crossbody Bag

We love a cute crossbody for summer. If you can buy a long strap for your bag that would be great as well. It's just so easy carrying a crossbody around, with all the little things you might need for summer. We definitely recommend it.

Crossbody Bag


10. Neutral Espadrilles

Espadrilles almost always come in style for summer. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of esparto rope. There are some cute styles to choose from in different heel heights. We love the wedge and flat styles best.

Neutral Espadrilles


11. Gold Necklace

We love gold during summer. It catches the golden rays of the sun and looks absolutely stunning. You could either wear a delicate necklace or a statement necklace depending on your style.

Gold Necklaces


12. Colorful Earrings

This is one of our favorites. Find a nice pair of colorful earrings. It is so much fun to add a dash of color to your summer style!

Colorful Earrings


We hope you love our picks. Do let us know if you think there is something that should be on this list. We would love your ideas and opinions too!


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